There are many videos available on YouTube that help bring to light many of the situations surrounding pets that are abused, abandoned, or left at shelters. The video section of this website will occasionally highlight videos from YouTube. Be advised that these videos can be disturbing. Videos may include graphic images. The intention of the videos is to inform. What you will see are actual events. Please help raise awareness.

A brief comment. I just finished reading about the ability of dogs to comprehend intentions. I am a dog lover, and as the article stated, those of us that are pet owners do know that animals do comprehend intentions. A recent scientific study was done that observed dogs observing humans. Dogs were observed watching their human companions and were able to foresee intention. It is known that dogs have a lower level of intelligence. A dogs intelligence will be between that of a 6 month old child, or even as intelligent as a 2 year old child. Dogs smile, dogs frown, dogs show a full range of emotions, as do all animals. One of the videos I watched today really demonstrates the emotional conditions of animals in shelters. One video was a far too common story about a companion being abandoned after 10 years. Dogs have a strong unconditional love for their owners, and dogs have the intelligence and emotions of a young child. Yet, quite often, people will abandon this child even after a long term of companionship. Is there any wonder why an animal would stop eating, show signs of depression, and display all of the signs of heartbreak, before they are marched off to a gas chamber? Ever wonder what a gas chamber looks like? These videos will provide the information.


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