Final Plea to Save These Pets From the Gas Chamber
Transport along I-95 as far north as NY/NJ is available this weekend arriving Sunday.
The Vance Country Animal Shelter is critically full!  Due to lack of space, these animals will be killed in the gas chamber or by heartstick if not rescued or adopted this weekend. Please help them get homes or safe placement . Please share.

The following dogs and cats are located at the Vance County Animal Shelter in Henderson, NC. These pets need rescue immediately. These pets are also posted on the Middle Mutts Facebook page with additional photos, descriptions & information.

All pets can be seen with additional photos and descriptions.

Approved rescues are only responsible for a $5.00 rabies vaccination before the animal leaves the shelter and $15 health certificate required for transport.  All of the following animals are provided with all the information known about them. All are people friendly and dog friendly unless otherwise stated. The first set of shots has been given to the puppies; they have also been dewormed. All dogs have been given a Bordetella and 5-in-1 vaccination. The shelter does not guarantee the health of any animal. NO sick or injured animals are listed unless stated by the picture.

PLEASE CONTACT: [email protected]






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